Troubleshoot not receiving login link

Login link emails refer to the email you receive when you log in via the Continue with email method.

In this email, you will see a login link button. When you click on it, you will be automatically log in to your account. The email will also include a one-time password (OTP) if you prefer the OTP instead of the link.

How to fix the issue?

If you are not receiving Mobbin login link emails, try this checklist:

  • Ensure the correct email address was used to sign into Mobbin.
  • Check the spam or junk folder in your email inbox.
    Occasionally, your mail service provider might incorrectly flag the login links as spam. If so, mark the email as not spam in your inbox.
  • Add the email and the domain to your email service's safe senders list.
    As an additional measure, adding Mobbin's email and domain will further help reduce the likelihood of emails being flagged as spam.

Google Groups and email aliases

To prevent our users from spam, our login links will not be sent to Google Groups or email aliases. We recommend using an actual email account to sign up for a Mobbin account.

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