Invite users

This feature is available for teams on the Team Plan and Enterprise Plan. Note that only team admins can add users to a team.

Membership seats on the Team Plan or Enterprise Plan belong to the team. You can provision others Mobbin membership by inviting them to the team. 

Mobbin automatically increases the number of seats if the number of members in your team exceeds the number of seats you have purchased. Your card may be charged when this happens. Check out the article on seat-based billing to find out more. 

Inviting users to your team

Here are the steps to invite users to your team:

  1. Log in to Mobbin. 
  2. Click on your avatar at the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click on Membership on the profile menu.
  4. Look for your team and click on Members.
  5. Click on Add members.

  6. Populate the text field with your team members' emails. Set their access level as either Admin or Member.
  7. Click on the Send invites button, then confirm the addition of new members. 
  8. Your newly-added team members will already be in your team when they log in the next time.
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