Seat-based billing

This feature is available for teams on the Team Plan and Enterprise Plan.

Seat-based billing refers to the cost of each seat in a team. A seat is sometimes referred to as a "license". When purchased, this seat belongs to the team, not to the user. Users can be assigned and unassigned a seat in the team.

For example, when you purchase a team plan for 5 people, they will occupy 5 seats. If you remove a user, you will now have 1 vacant seat. You can add a different user to this seat without additional cost, as long as you keep within the 5 seat count. However, if you add a 6th user, you will automatically be charged for an additional seat.

Commonly asked questions

What happens if I change the number of seats mid billing cycle?
Whether you have chosen a yearly or quarterly billing cycle, Mobbin will revise how much you are charged as soon as the number of seats has changed.

  • If you add seats in the middle of your billing period, Mobbin will look at the percentage of time left in that period and pro-rate what we are charging you based on that.
  • If you remove a member from the team, Mobbin will not refund the cost for that seat. Instead, you can add another member to take up the vacant seat, and you will not be charged for that. 
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