About SCIM user provisioning

This feature is available for teams on the Enterprise Plan. Note that only team admins can configure SCIM. 

System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), provides automated provisioning and user management for teams on the Enterprise accounts through your Identity Provider (IdP). This helps team admins easily manage employee access to Mobbin from their identity providers.

For example, an organization using Okta can automatically provision Mobbin user accounts with access to the Enterprise Plan based on groups (e.g. the "product design" group) right from Okta.

Supported Directory Providers

  1. Azure AD SCIM v2.0
  2. BambooHR
  3. Generic SCIM v1.1
  4. Generic SCIM v2.0
  5. GSuite Directory
  6. Hibob
  7. JumpCloud SCIM v2.0
  8. Rippling
  9. Okta SCIM v1.1
  10. Okta SCIM v2.0
  11. Workday

If you do not see your directory provider here, please contact us. 

Setting up SCIM

The process for configuring SCIM depends on your Directory Provider. Therefore, you must already have a service with a Directory Provider of your choice at the time of configuration.

Here are the steps to configure SCIM:

  1. Log in to Mobbin. 
  2. Click on your avatar at the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click on Manage membership on the profile menu.
  4. Look for your team and click on SCIM
  5. This will bring you to WorkOS. Select the Directory Provider of your choice, and follow the instructions to configure SCIM. 
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