About the Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan allows organisations with advanced security requirements to use Mobbin. The plan is suitable for your team if at least one of the following is true:

  • Your organisation requires SAML SSO or SCIM to use Mobbin.

  • Your organisation can only manage employee access by using Directory Sync (SCIM) via your Identity Provider (IdP), such as Okta, Azure AD, Google, Workday and many others.

  • Your organisation can only pay by bank transfer.

  • Your organisation requires custom agreements.

Differences between the Enterprise Plan and the Team Plan

Enterprise Plan

Team Plan

Payment by bank transfer accepted

Only card payments are accepted

Members can also log in via SAML SSO, such as Okta

Members can only log in via email, Google, X, or Facebook

Team admins can manage employee access via Directory Sync (SCIM)

Team admins can only manage employee access on Mobbin membership page

Custom agreements upon request

No custom agreementsĀ 

Available for yearly billing only

Available for monthly, quarterly & yearly billing

Security and compliance review

No security and compliance review