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How you log in to Mobbin might differ depending on your settings. You will access the same account regardless of the log in method, as long as the login email is used. 

This article will cover all the options available. 

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Log in with Google, Facebook, or Twitter

You can log in with Google, Facebook, or Twitter by clicking on the Continue with Google, Facebook, or Twitter button.

If you choose this method of log in, the login email of the Mobbin account will be the primary email registered with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. 

The login link method lets you log in to your account without using a password. This is configured for your account, unless you have set a password or configured SAML SSO.

In this method, when you log in with Continue with email, you will receive a unique link in your email inbox, which logs you in to your account when you click on it.

If the password field appears, this means you have previously set a password for your account. 

Log in with email and password

By default, password logins are not configured. You can configure it by setting a password on the Account settings modal. 

When you have set a password for your account, you will be prompted for a password when you log in with the Continue with email method. 

Log in with email via SAML SSO

This feature is available to teams on the Enterprise Plan.

When SAML SSO is configured, you can log in to Mobbin using your organization email via your organization's identity provider, such as Okta. 

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