Login link and code not working

If you are experiencing difficulties with our login link or code, it could be due to security features in certain email providers, especially for work emails like Mimecast. Some providers utilise features such as URL sanitisation or URL sandboxing, which may cause our login links to expire prematurely, resulting in the error message "token has expired or is invalid" when entering the login code.

To check if this is the issue, try logging in with another email address (preferably Gmail or a personal email service) on the same device. If you can log in successfully, the problem may be related to your email service provider.

If your login link and code are not working, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Contact your email service administrator

    • Please contact your email service administrator, typically the IT team in your organisation, and request to disable URL sanitisation or URL sandboxing for emails from Mobbin.

  2. Try the following troubleshooting steps

    • Refresh your browser.

    • Log in and out of the website using your email.

    • Attempt to use a different browser.

    • Connect to a different internet connection.

If the problem persists after trying these steps, please contact us for further assistance.